North Dakota



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Becker, August  Nov 1897North Dakota I2722
2 Becker, Benjamin  Abt. 1908North Dakota I2726
3 Becker, Christina  Mar 1893North Dakota I2721
4 Becker, Emma  Apr 1895North Dakota I2723
5 Becker, Friedrich  Apr 1891North Dakota I2720
6 Becker, Jakob  Abt. 1900North Dakota I2724
7 Becker, Lidia*  Feb 1889North Dakota I2719
8 Becker, Martha  Abt. 1910North Dakota I2727
9 Becker, Rosa  Abt. 1904North Dakota I2725
10 Becker*, Katharina  Jan 1883North Dakota I2717
11 Eggers, Celeste C.  Abt. 1921North Dakota I2414
12 Eggers, Edgar W.  Abt. 1917North Dakota I2413
13 Eggers, Luella E.  Abt. 1923North Dakota I2415
14 Eggers, Ruth C.  Abt. 1916North Dakota I2412
15 Guenther, Beulah Angeline  18 Aug 1906North Dakota I2664
16 Koth, Albert  25 Jul 1905North Dakota I2689
17 Koth, Annetta Magdalene  Abt. 1907North Dakota I2690
18 Koth, Clara A.  25 Mar 1914North Dakota I2692
19 Koth, Robert H.  Abt. 1911North Dakota I2691
20 Thompson, Nanian Garfield  Abt. 1914North Dakota I3370
21 Wacker, Aron  Abt. 1907North Dakota I2748
22 Wacker, Friedrich  Abt. 1911North Dakota I2749
23 Wacker, Herold  Abt. 1924North Dakota I2753
24 Wacker, Karl  1909North Dakota I2752
25 Wacker, Lora  Abt. 1916North Dakota I2750
26 Wacker, Marylon Edmund  Abt. 1922North Dakota I2662
27 Wacker, Phillip M.  4 May 1914North Dakota I2680
28 Wacker, Ruth E.  3 Apr 1908North Dakota I2651
29 West, Alice Elvira  23 Apr 1920North Dakota I2868
30 West, Doris Beatrice  1919North Dakota I2867
31 West, Florence Marie  1921North Dakota I2869
32 West, Frank Le Roy  30 May 1916North Dakota I2866
33 West, Rusty Loyd  22 Nov 1924North Dakota I2870
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